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Family Portraits

The Reyelts Family Portraits { Rifle, CO family photographer }

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This is one of our favorite families! They help our family out so much- my boys adore everyone of them. Check out their family portraits- such a cute family!


Baby Austin {Rifle, CO Newborn Photographer }

Welcome baby Austin! What a great Christmas present! He was such a cutie. We even got some photos with the whole family- 3 dogs included! We had to take a couple photos with the mailbox for his mail carrier mom and of course then with his Dad’s work clothes!_DSC1806-Edit copy _DSC1819-Edit copy _DSC1824-Editb copy _DSC1857-Editb copy _DSC1876-Edit copy _DSC1886-Edit copy _DSC1893-Edit copy _DSC1917-Edit-Edit-Edit copy

Baby announcement/ Christmas cards!
final card

The Rosser Family Portraits { New Castle, CO Photographer }

This cute family had me photograph their family to help document their time spent in New Castle and Western Colorado. They moved to Denver shortly after these photographs were taken. I think we all shared the same love of the view of the hogback mountains in New Castle- so we had to make sure those we featured them in a few of their photographs._DSC3071b copy _DSC3184-Edit copy _DSC3205-Edit copy _DSC3247-Editb copy _DSC3326-Edit copy

And their Christmas cards for 2012!cardpreview

Elijah’s Senior Portraits {Rifle, CO Photographer}

Meet Elijah Rifle High School senior class of 2013. He loves music (piano, clarinet, bass clarinet, trombone, saxophone, singing), reading, and pondering the questions of the world. His extracurricular activities include drama, marching band, jazz band, teaching music lessons, Symphony in the Valley and varsity choir. Elijah plans to attend college to study music- hopefully teaching high school or college music in the future. His friends might describe him as  smart, witty, and an “attention whore”. It’s pretty obvious with all the above information, but one thing Elijah could not live without is music.
_DSC0046-Edit copy

_DSC0101-Edit copy

_DSC0189-Edit copy

We also were able to take a few family portraits as well! They toughed out the snowy cold weather to do it!finalcard

The Gilstrap’s { Rifle, CO Photographer }

This family- from Battlement Mesa- has the cutest kids! I loved all their coordinated outfits! Here are a few of my favorites from their portrait session (pictured in some of the products they ordered) taken here in Rifle, CO. The Gilstrap’s. Click the link to see a slideshow of their full family portrait session.
_DSC8197-Edit copy
7x5 Promo Card

Their cute Christmas cards! The front is pictured above and the back of the card is below.7x5 Promo Cardbackb1bOne of my favorite ways to display photos! You can’t always hang every favorite photo from your photo session on your wall… so put it in a book! This is a sample of a custom designed Photo Pano Book. Each page is a thick photographic paper bound to lay flat and display all your favorite photographs from your portrait session._DSC1117-Edit copy_DSC1135-Edit copy
_DSC1138-Edit copy

The Thompson Girl’s {Rifle, CO Photographer}

These two girls are the cutest girls! Their mom does the best job at making sure they always look good! They have the cutest clothes, accessories and hair! We did something a little fun for their Christmas cards as well- check it out!

Thompson family photos 1 Thompson family photos 2 Thompson family photos 3 Thompson family photos 5 Thompson family photos christmas card

This was the front of their Christmas card- except it had a cute scalloped cut to it. Such a fun photo! These girls were such troopers! It rained their entire portrait session and they were a bit chilly… we tried our best to get it done quickly and keep them sheltered.

The Poulsen’s Family Portraits { Rifle, CO Family Photographer }

The Poulsen’s.

Click the link above to see a slide show of all their family portraits.

I just love this family! They are so much fun- as I’m sure you can tell from the photos. We took their family photos here in Rifle, CO. I think one of the best parts was how excited their 5 year boy was about the whole experience! He was cracking me up the whole time! He just could not wait to get started taking photographs and to see what I was going to do with all my equipment. I think I’ll have a little photo assistant soon! He already was helping me out by telling me I had to take the lens cap off!

Their youngest child is a bit more somber. But as soon as I told her to say “Daddy wears diapers” she cracked up! It worked every time- especially when her dad Dad said it while shaking his booty! Unfortunately, I had to follow suit and do the same little dance while standing on a fence and saying “Ashley wears diapers!” Yea, I usually look like an idiot when taking photographs- but at least it gets good expressions!

Pictured below is the Christmas Cards that I designed for them. I do custom designed double sided photo cards. They are perfect for this upcoming holiday season! Don’t they look great with their perfectly coordinated outfits!? Such a beautiful family!