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My babies are 1!!!

My last post was from a little over a year ago about me having twins and taking a break from photography. Well, my girls just turned 1 and for all those that have been wondering yes I am back and taking sessions again. Also, I have moved to Silt, CO- which doesn’t really change much, as I still service the same areas. I am currently  in the process of getting a new blog so I probably won’t be posting anything else on this except where to find my new blog. (It will be through my website I don’t want my last post to read I’m taking a break… so here are some photos of my girls first birthday cake smash. Lots more photos from this past year will be posted later on the new blog. Thanks!

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Lemonade stand Photo shoot { Rifle, CO child photographer }

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This is definitely one of my favorite photo shoots recently. It was so much fun! These girls are great to work with. But their mom is the amazing one that makes it all happen. She always dresses and accessorizes her girls so beautifully. But with this photo shoot- she and her husband made this cool lemonade stand. Her husband was a champ and help move the stand in a cool location for us- which wasn’t an easy task- because this is a very nice sturdy stand. I felt bad because I requested it be brought here but couldn’t help move it due to me being pregnant. The girls regularly sell lemonade, snow cones and candies from this stand! Isn’t it amazing! After this photo shoot- I had about 30 lemons to make fresh lemonade from! Lemonade is one of my faves! I have since had to continue making fresh lemonade- way too yummy!

The Reyelts Family Portraits { Rifle, CO family photographer }

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This is one of our favorite families! They help our family out so much- my boys adore everyone of them. Check out their family portraits- such a cute family!

Clay’s First Birthday

This adorable boy is 1 years old! Such a cutie- he was sure loving that cake! Click the link below to see a slideshow of our favorite images from the photo shoot.

Clay’s First Birthday.

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DIY tissue paper flower backdrop { Rifle, CO Photographer }

Aspen1 copy _DSC5430-Edit copy

Tissue Paper Flowers/ Hanging Pom-Poms How-To:

I made this about a year ago and am just now getting around to blogging about it!


1. Cut the paper- I bought the pack of tissue paper in the photo above. This size was 18″x20″ so I cut it into 4 parts so the size of the sheets are about 9″x10″. You can really do this with whatever size tissue paper depending on how big or small you want your flower to be. I also have made the pom pom balls for a baby shower decoration and you make them almost the exact same way only you would use big sheets of tissue paper like the ones above but uncut or even bigger.

2. Stack the paper- You can also use any color of tissue paper. I used white to be neutral and because it was a lot cheaper. You need to stack about 6-8 sheets of paper on top of each other (I did 8). This is also where you can stack multiple colors of tissue paper  to get a multi-colored flower. Try to line them up- but you don’t have to worry if it doesn’t match up perfect- mine never did!


3. Fold the paper- Accordion fold the stack in about an inch folds


4. Tie the paper- Twist floral wire around the middle of the stack to folds in place.


5. Cut the tips- Cut the ends of the paper to desired shape. You can make the ends rounded or pointy or many other shapes. I even forgot to cut on some of my flowers and they still look pretty cool- although it would be better without the straight ends.


6. Pull layers up and fluff- Separate layers by pulling up one sheet of paper at a time up towards the middle. If you are going to make a pom-pom then you would pull half the layers up and half the layers down to make a complete sphere instead of just half of a sphere.


7. Glue finished flower onto board- I hot glued each individual flower next to each other to completely cover a large piece of foam board. I just used a board like you use for science fair projects because of its availability and ease to transport- but you can do bigger… it will just take extra forever!


After I had used the white flowered background a few times I spray painted it different colors as pictured below for a new and different look. I love how it turned out! It does take a bit of time to make all the flowers, but I love the look of all the repetition and texture. I think it makes a great backdrop since it’s not too distracting yet still adds a little interest! Go give it a try or do a set using hanging tissue pom-pom balls… or use as decor for your next party!

_DSC9843-Edit copy

The Rosser Family Portraits { New Castle, CO Photographer }

This cute family had me photograph their family to help document their time spent in New Castle and Western Colorado. They moved to Denver shortly after these photographs were taken. I think we all shared the same love of the view of the hogback mountains in New Castle- so we had to make sure those we featured them in a few of their photographs._DSC3071b copy _DSC3184-Edit copy _DSC3205-Edit copy _DSC3247-Editb copy _DSC3326-Edit copy

And their Christmas cards for 2012!cardpreview

Elijah’s Senior Portraits {Rifle, CO Photographer}

Meet Elijah Rifle High School senior class of 2013. He loves music (piano, clarinet, bass clarinet, trombone, saxophone, singing), reading, and pondering the questions of the world. His extracurricular activities include drama, marching band, jazz band, teaching music lessons, Symphony in the Valley and varsity choir. Elijah plans to attend college to study music- hopefully teaching high school or college music in the future. His friends might describe him as  smart, witty, and an “attention whore”. It’s pretty obvious with all the above information, but one thing Elijah could not live without is music.
_DSC0046-Edit copy

_DSC0101-Edit copy

_DSC0189-Edit copy

We also were able to take a few family portraits as well! They toughed out the snowy cold weather to do it!finalcard