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Aaron’s Senior Portraits { Rifle, CO Photographer }

_DSC2536-Edit copy _DSC2604-Edit copy _DSC2632-Edit copy _DSC2697-Edit copyMeet Aaron- all the way from Mancos, CO. He is a senior at Mancos High School. He is into guns, football, history, video games, four wheeling and owns a toy poodle . Check out his senior photos!


Israel’s Senior Portraits

_DSC8368-Edit-Edit copy _DSC8439-Edit copy _DSC8450-Editl copy _DSC8556-Edit copy _DSC8562-Edit copyClick the link to see a slideshow of all of Israel’s Senior Portraits. He is a Rifle High School Senior- class of 2013. He is an excellent artist and loves video games. I was lucky to be able to see some of his beautiful artworks.

sample art products- rifle co photographer-2Here is a sample of a metal print. This is definitely a favorite of my and my clients. Such a beautiful contemporary way to display your photographs. It really makes the colors pop. Here it is shown on an easel but can also be hung on a wall with a float mount!

Rachel’s Senior Photographer { Rifle, CO Photographer }

_DSC7856-Edit copy _DSC7879-Edit copy _DSC7912-Edit copy _DSC7987-Edit copy _DSC8590-Edit copy _DSC8614-Edit copy _DSC8629-Edit copy _DSC8699-Edit copy _DSC8701-Edit copyMeet Rachel Glenwood High School senior- class of 2013. She loves cheerleading, dance, music and modeling. She wants to go to college and major in cardiology. She wants people to remember her as the girl who never gave up. Rachel says the one thing she could not live without is her family. She also had a million great senior portraits! Too many to show!

rachel senior photo book- rifle co photographer-4rachel senior photo book- rifle co photographer rachel senior photo book- rifle co photographer-2
rachel senior photo book- rifle co photographer-3 Displayed above is a few pages from her photo book. This is one of my favorite ways to display all the many lovely photographs because you can’t fit all of them on a wall- so put it in one of these books! What a great keepsake!

Cristian’s Senior Portraits

sample art products- rifle co photographer-3_DSC6849-Edit copy _DSC7023-Edit copy cristian-2 copy cristian-3 copy cristian-13 copyCheck out Cristian’s Senior Portraits. He is a senior at Coal Ridge High School- class of 2013. He plays soccer at CRHS. He had too many good photographs to post!

The Cook Family Portraits

Such a beautiful family- they have some of the cutest kids! They were brave to do their photographs outside in Rifle, CO on a cold winter day! But I’m glad they did! I think you have so much more variety in backdrop options and prefer to photograph outside on location. However, I do have many beautiful backdrops and ideas for indoor portraits as well! This family about four years ago passed on a couple of bags of clothing to us before my first child was born. We were so grateful and they were so generous to help a family they didn’t even know! To check out more of their family portraits click the following link The Cook Family Portraits.

_DSC2766-Editp copy _DSC2798-Editp copy _DSC2834-Editp copy _DSC2867-Editp copy _DSC2886-Editp copy