Modern Portrait Photography

Valentine’s Week { Rifle, CO Family Photographer }

IMG_20130219_155738For Valentine’s Day I got these cute little mailboxes from the dollar bins at Target. I had great plans for using them! I still have great plans for next year… since I didn’t do all that I wanted with them this year. All I did to decorate them is put a glittery heart sticker on each of them- however they were quickly removed by my three year old. As you can see in the picture above from my phone only 2 of them has a sticker and they are barely hanging on! Maybe next year I will get names on the mailboxes. Each of us in our family has our own mailbox. I was originally planning on doing a 14-day advent type countdown to Valentine’s day- but that didn’t happen. I was going to do it like we did for December with Christmas where each day there was a valentine note/treat plus a service project and fun activity to do that day. So since I wasn’t ready to do it February 1st I thought maybe I’d do just 10 days… but I wasn’t together by then either.

So I ended up doing it a lot simpler- which made my life easier. I just did a note with a treat for every day of Valentine’s week (until Valentine’s Day- so just 5 days). I mostly just did the cheesy notes- but that’s what you do for Valentine’s Day right?! I tried not to do candy but of course my little boys love it so I did a little for 2 of the days. For example, I did “I love the way you make me snicker!” and gave them a few snicker mini’s. Another day I gave them berries and said “I love you berry much!” I think my boys favorites treats were the glow bracelets and another day glow in the dark balloons (they have a little LED light in them). My husband is anti-candy so he got nuts, berries, gum, chap stick and something else I’m forgetting.

My three year-old loved this! Of course receiving mail is always exciting! He doesn’t want me to put the mailboxes away! It was so cute because on the second day, Beckett got out paper and “wrote” everyone a note and put it in their mailbox. He then found random treats from the pantry to give everyone. He picked out a bag of coconut to give to his little brother… but it couldn’t  fit in the mailbox. I still thought it was sweet of him. Each day he wanted to write a note too! We only did a few other valentines for others outside our family- maybe next year we will be better. Even though it wasn’t quite as elaborate as I planned, I think the valentine’s mailboxes were a huge hit and will be improved next year… well we will see. I’m pretty sure next year I’m not going to be any less busy!


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