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More Elf on the Shelf Ideas { Rifle, CO Photographer }

For the elf on the shelf tradition I started out strong… I even took photos of it. But as the month went on and things got crazier- it would be 11pm and I’d be like “Crap! I still haven’t done anything with Elfie!” So I’d look through my list of planned ideas and find the easiest one to do. I’d want to shoot myself for making this tradition so difficult. Finding Elfie each morning was exciting enough! But no, I knew this would be most beneficial to have a planned service and a planned fun activity to go with it each day. Otherwise I may not have done any of these fun ideas. Also, I tried to have it all coordinate with what Elfie was doing, but I couldn’t always think of things to do that matched. And after about the first week or so I didn’t take photos either (or only a few snapshots with my cellphone)- so I will tell you what we did with our Elf on the Shelf from what I can remember… now that it is about 2 months later! So some of these may not be in the exact order we did them in. For day 1 and 2 check my earlier post on Elfie.

elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1374

Day 3: Elfie in a Lego fort

Service: Build someone up today by giving compliments or writing a nice note.

Fun: Build a fort.

My boys loved our huge fort we made and of course we had to play with flashlights in it!

elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1383 elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1402 elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1411 elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1427

Day 4: Elfie making snow angel

Fun: Make snow globes.

Service: Be a secret angel to someone.

We stuck gift cards in our snow globes to city market and to amazon to give to a few people we felt deserved a little surprise. We just left them on their doorstep so we wouldn’t get caught. I hope they saw the gift card and realized it was an active one. That was my big concern that they wouldn’t realize that. I read online that they tested the gift cards after being in snow globes and worked fine as long as it hadn’t been in the water over a week! So hopefully all that wasn’t wasted!

elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1430 elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1439 elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1441 elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1445 elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1448 IMG_20121224_233305

Day 5: Elfie riding a dump truck, taking out the trash.

Fun: We used that “trash” and had an indoor paper snowball fight.

Service: Do something nice for the garbage collectors.

My three year is fascinated by the trash collectors and loves watching them in the morning so I prepared a couple goody bags to have Beckett give them in the morning. The only problem was we didn’t get up early enough to do it. I actually enjoyed a little extra sleep! So instead we gave the goody bags to our mail carrier and the Fed Ex delivery guy. I was caught off guard a few days later when we received a card from the U.S.P.S. But it was a thank you note from our mail carrier. About a month later when we saw the Fed Ex guy again… he thanked us as well. I was grateful for them taking the time to do that because it just reinforces the learning experience for my 3 year old. He was so proud! He was always so excited about doing all the things and most of which we did in secret.

elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1471elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1529

Day 6: Elfie hiding in a stocking.

Fun: Candy cane hockey (played with candy cane hockey sticks and m&m hockey pucks) My 1 year old discovered m&ms and was pretty determined to eat all our pucks! He was pretty hilarious!

Service: Create a stocking full of goodies to give to friends.

I planned this activity for this day intentionally because it was St. Nicholas day. If you know anything about him and how our stocking tradition came about… I thought it would be appropriate. We also tried to do this one in secret. So first we assembled all the different goodies into all the stockings and then we left them at their doorsteps. I planned to do it when a couple of the families would be picking their kids up from school that way no one would be home to see us but I knew they would be there to receive the stocking in a few minutes. Beckett was just so excited about this he kept talking about it for days and so when he saw one of the families a few days later, that was the first thing out of his mouth! Little stinker! Three year olds aren’t the best secret keepers.

elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1512

Day 7: Elfie going fishing. (excuse the ugly mirror!)

Fun: Christmas music Freeze dance

Service: People are fishing for compliments, so be sure to dish them out today.

elf on the self- rifle co photographer-1515

Day 8: Elfie on the vacuum cleaner

Fun: Make a reindeer sandwich

Service: Help out around the house by doing an extra choreelf on the self- rifle co photographer-1518

Day 9: Photog Elfie taking photos with a camera

Fun: Dan’s Work Christmas Party

Service: Make a gift for someone using photos

We made a few different kinds of jewelry for a couple different people. We used beads but we also used the plastic shrinky dink for the photos and some other beads. I had Beckett color a sheet of shrinky dink then I cut circles out and we made beads to use for some other jewelry. We made one necklace for one of Beckett’s friends birthdays and some others for his aunt.IMG_20121217_172121IMG_20121217_172147

Day 10: Elfie making paper snowflakes

Fun: Made paper snowflakes and tortilla snowflakes for lunch.

Service: Make something to give to someone… we made our own bath salts/ sand art. We made about 10 of these jars! Beckett keeps asking to make some more for us this time!



Day 11: Elfie reading books to little people.

Fun: Church Christmas Party

Service: Do something nice for the library people. Since we are always bringing treats to Dan’s library we decided to bring cookies to the Rifle library and Administration staff.

Day 12: Elfie riding a fire truck.

Fun: Visit Santa Clause at the library

Service: Bring treats to the firefighters (Beckett’s other favorite people!) He still talks about this every time we drive past the fire station. “Remember when we took cookies to the firefighters!”

Day 13: Elfie with mini easel making an artwork

Fun and Service: Make an artwork for someone. ( I cheated this time and counted it as both)

Other things we did were make gifts for your teachers, bring a meal to someone (cheated and did this with grandma when we were in Denver), and other things I have forgotten and many others I never did that we will save for next year! That last week while we were out of town I didn’t do much besides hide Elfie… it was a bit too crazy!

IMG_20121220_114552Anyways! I know this post is super long. But I hope it helps give you some ideas for Elf on the Shelf, service, Christmas or winter activities you can do with your kids! And maybe next year I will be better at it! It sure was fun! My three year loved it!


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  1. Corrina

    I love these ideas! I love the idea of service at Christmastime.

    August 21, 2013 at 5:17 pm

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