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Elfie: Elf on the Shelf Christmas Tradition

If you’re on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen photos of this tradition floating around. I saw it and knew my little boy would love this tradition, but last year I couldn’t find it in any stores nearby. My sweet mother-in-law tracked one down for me and so we started this fun tradition this year. We are only one day in but my three year old is so excited! Our elf was spotted this morning outside caught in one of our trees. He must have parachuted from Santa’s sleigh to get to our home, but his parachute got stuck! Your first task is to give the elf a name. My little boy, Beckett, wanted to name the elf Santa- but I thought that might be a little confusing. His second choice was to name the elf Beckett… also potentially confusing. So with a little help he was named the very uncreative name of “Elfie”.

Elf on the Shelf 1 Rifle CO Photographer

Now I have some thoughts on some of the photos I’ve seen floating around. There’s a lot of funny ideas out there where the elves play pranks and make messes. They look pretty funny and I’m sure my three year old would get a kick out of them. However, I feel that is counterproductive. The purpose of the elf is to keep watch and make sure the children are being good. So I feel the elf should lead by example… so each day “Elfie” will be doing good activities.

I’ve also seen a product that is almost identical to the Elf on the Shelf- but it is supposedly more Christ-centered because it is an angel. Each day the angel leaves messages in the special dust of good things to do. I like their whole idea… but still prefer the elf. I was planning on doing 2 advent calendars this year: one of service and one of fun activities. So my goal is each day Elfie’s new placement will tie into those things for the day. Elfie will leave a little note of a good deed to remember to do that day and a fun activity. We will see how it goes!

Elf on the Shelf 2 Rifle CO PhotographerSo for day #2 as you see in the photograph above, Beckett will find Elfie playing Uno Moo with puppy. Elfie has left a little note that says, “Remember to play nice with others and share your toys. Today have a family game night!” So this one is a simple reminder more than a specific task as some of the future ones will be… But this is a reminder Beckett needs, especially with his little brother and probably as he goes to church tomorrow! Gotta love this Christmas magic! I will embrace any extra help I can get to get a more cooperative three year old!


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