Modern Portrait Photography

Composition Tip # 5: Perspective { Silt, Colorado Photographer }

This one is another easy one: change your perspective to add a little interest to your photographs. You can create totally different looks of an image just by changing your perspective. This is one thing I learned in one of my photography classes in college that whenever photographing something, consider all of the perspectives and different sides of it. You may be missing out on some amazing images if you never look around the back side or other possibilities. Try shooting with a worm’s eye or bird’s eye view- the photo above I stood on a ladder to get this beautiful girls photo.  How boring would that be if I always shoot from my 5 ft viewpoint- not to mention this would not be the most attractive point of view for all of my subjects. When changing your point of view, be mindful of the effect it will have. If you shoot down on someone they will appear smaller. If your subject is concerned about a double chin, then shoot at a higher perspective and it will hide it. With kids it is fun to get on their level and shoot from the way they see the world. If you want your subject to appear larger, taller, or stronger then shoot low looking up at them. Now go give this a try! Choose one subject and then photograph it in all the different perspectives you can (straight on, worm’s eye view, bird’s eye view, the front, the back, the side, the top, the bottom, and so on)!


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