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Compsition Tip #7: Capture Emotion { Silt, CO Photographer }

The last tip I shared at my photography class in Silt, CO last spring was to capture emotion. This one I think trumps all the others. You can have a photograph that is poorly composed but have a great story or emotion captured and it wouldn’t matter. So go document what is meaningful to you. I love this photo of my two boys because of my little one’s face. He looks a little freaked out because his brother is squeezing him too tight! Go practice photographing more of the candid moments that happen… these photos will probably be more memorable! And remember the best type of camera is the one you have with you! I often use my cell phone for photos bc it is what I have with me or I can use it quickly to capture a moment I want to remember!



Composition Tip # 6: Framing { New Castle, Photographer }

This tip can be a lot like creating depth. If you add a frame with in your frame you can add interest to your photograph. An easy way to frame your subject is to use doors, windows, arches, … things that already exist like a frame. Or you can do what I did with these two senior girls last year and use nature to frame your subject. Notice how I decided to place the subjects where the trees and weeds make a subtle frame around them. This little trick will step up your photography for sure! Now go give it a try!


Shasta’s Senior Portraits {Rifle, CO Photographer}

I had the chance to photograph this beautiful Rifle High senior this fall. Shasta loves reading, videogames, writing and drawing. She volunteers at the hospital. Shasta says she has a very different style. She loves off the wall things as well as classic things. Three words Shasta’s friends would use to describe her: Fun, wild and different. Shasta wants people to remember her as a good person.. someone they could rely on. Her favorite quote is: “Life isn’t about living forever, it’s about creating something that will.” If this blog gets 15 or more comments Shasta will receive another complimentary gift print. So let her know what you think!

Shasta Senior portraits 1 Shasta Senior portraits 2 Shasta Senior portraits 3 Shasta Senior portraits 4

Composition Tip # 5: Perspective { Silt, Colorado Photographer }

This one is another easy one: change your perspective to add a little interest to your photographs. You can create totally different looks of an image just by changing your perspective. This is one thing I learned in one of my photography classes in college that whenever photographing something, consider all of the perspectives and different sides of it. You may be missing out on some amazing images if you never look around the back side or other possibilities. Try shooting with a worm’s eye or bird’s eye view- the photo above I stood on a ladder to get this beautiful girls photo.  How boring would that be if I always shoot from my 5 ft viewpoint- not to mention this would not be the most attractive point of view for all of my subjects. When changing your point of view, be mindful of the effect it will have. If you shoot down on someone they will appear smaller. If your subject is concerned about a double chin, then shoot at a higher perspective and it will hide it. With kids it is fun to get on their level and shoot from the way they see the world. If you want your subject to appear larger, taller, or stronger then shoot low looking up at them. Now go give this a try! Choose one subject and then photograph it in all the different perspectives you can (straight on, worm’s eye view, bird’s eye view, the front, the back, the side, the top, the bottom, and so on)!

Summer Fun


Here are some random things we did this summer. We did many other things… especially on our trips. But here is a little sampling. This first experiment pictured above- I don’t remember much about it except that it didn’t really work too well. I think this was oil and food coloring and the different colors weren’t supposed to mix- but they did because I did not use black!IMG_20120622_081210 This second experiment was to get a bouncy egg… if I remember you just let it soak in the vinegar. The vinegar eats away the shell leaving it all squishy… I thought I heard you could even bounce it so maybe I didn’t do it right because our egg popped and made a big mess!IMG_20120622_081451

Beckett loved this one! It’s basically mini volcanoes. Put drops of colored vinegar into a bowl of baking soda and watch it bubble up! Make sure to put something under your work space!IMG_20120622_082215

I saw this idea online where you make a fort frame out of a bunch of rolled newspaper. I got so tired of rolling newspaper and so we made a mini fort with only about 15 rolls. Plus Beckett just couldn’t help but knock it down all the time or use the rolls as swords or go fishing with them as pictured below. So the activity was still a success- he loved playing with the newspaper rolls even the original idea wasn’t super successful.IMG_20120622_175543 IMG_20120622_191050

Fireworks in a jar… kinda pretty to look at for a few minutes!IMG_20120622_202847

Watching his big brother out the window! I just love his smooshed faces!IMG_20120622_233247

Playing with big bubble wands and then popping them with a toy hammer!IMG_20120622_222127IMG_20120623_075104 IMG_20120623_152949

Glow sticks in the dark bathtub! Glow sticks are always cool!IMG_20120626_201608 IMG_20120627_125950 IMG_20120627_130318 And a bunch of bike rides!IMG_20120627_130446 IMG_20120713_141205

The air show! He loved this and still asks if we can go back! He loved seeing the parachuters!IMG_20120714_132638 Riding gondolas… to do more biking!IMG_20120728_114650 Funny Face pancakes… I’m not sure we call them this because the pancake looks funny or because your face looks funny after you eat them.IMG_20120923_083830And finally I organized an Olympics play date to celebrate it’s finale. As always I had a million ideas but didn’t do most… and I have no photos of the event but I think I counted about 50 people there so it was a good turn out. I had different events set up for the kids to go through and then we finished off with a handful of relay races. Fun times- the kids were able to get their energy out even on a rainy day! (we had to move it indoors at the last minute). Anyways! These are some of the events we had:

balance beam

the long jump

the discus throw

swimming- lay on tummy on a skateboard and push yourself across the gym

hurdles- pool noodles laid across chairs parallel to the floor

soccer shoot out- with mini ball and goal

javelin throw- throw a pool noodle through a hula hoop


Here’s one of my friends photos  that she posted to Facebook. Thanks Tawny for taking some photos! And that’s all I can remember… maybe that was it! I also was going to have them decorate cookies into the Olympic rings with colored candies and sprinkles but that didn’t happen either.

Composition Tip #4: Add Depth { Rifle, CO Photographer }

To create a more interesting photo you need to create depth. Depth is where you have a foreground, middle ground and background. The way I love to do this is to place the subject in the middle of something that way I have some some elements in front and behind them- like I have pictured above with the weeds in the foreground and background. The trick I’ve learned is if a foreground is not naturally there, then you put it there. My clients usually look at me a little weird, wondering why I am carrying weeds in my pocket!

Emily’s Senior Portraits { Rifle, CO Senior Photographer }

I had a blast photographing this beautiful Rifle High School Senior. We did these portraits in beautiful Rifle, CO. I love that they had quite a few people there to help with the portraits! Thanks to Emily’s mom for hanging my beads for me- to get this creative look that I was going for. I love bringing unnatural elements into the outdoors. I love the juxtaposition of the sparkly beads with the old run down house! Don’t forget when you book a senior portrait session with me you can always bring whoever along and get a few shots with them; whether it be your mom, best friend or sibling (like Emily did with her little brother).

Please click the link below to see a slide show of more images from Emily’s senior portrait session. She looks great!

Emily’s Senior Portraits.

I’m starting something new, if this blog post gets at least 15 comments, Emily will get an extra gift print! So comment below and let her know what you think!