Modern Portrait Photography

Photography Composition Tip #2: Consider your Background { Rifle, CO Photographer }

I am finally continuing to blog a more of my slides from my portrait photography class that I has in Silt, Colorado. It was a class more specifically on lighting for portraits but I gave my top composition tips. Number 2 of my composition tips is to make sure you think before you take a photo and double-check you background. In my example above you can see where I have intentionally taken a bad photo. So many of us do this. This tip may seem obvious- but some many of us…even professionals sometimes forget to double-check your background. So I have placed this girl directly in front of a tree so it looks like she has antlers growing out of her head- not the most attractive! In addition I have everything in focus. So to make this photograph better I had the girl take a couple steps over to the side and I shot wide open with a large aperture (f 1.4) to make the background go out of focus and make sure the focus was on my beautiful model! You can also increase the distance from background to your model to help create blur and separation from your subject. When you use some of these techniques it increases your ability to use almost anywhere as a backdrop!

If you are not familiar with some of the basic terms in photography or could use a little refresher about aperture, shutter speed, ISO… I’ve been working on doing a Photography Basics class at the Rifle Library but they had a change in managers before it got finalized and now is my busy season but stay tuned! I will be having another photo class in Rifle or Silt, Colorado soon… maybe after the holidays. I will keep you posted!


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