Modern Portrait Photography

Beckett’s ABC Book { Rifle, CO Photographer }


Super excited because we just got my son’s ABC photo book- and love it! It is all lay flat photo paper and super gorgeous. Beckett loves his ABCs and seeing himself on every page!

A photo book is a great way to display your photographs from any type of session. However, I do have imagination sessions that lend a little more towards the photo book as one of the final products. An imagination session is perfect for you if you are looking for something a little more creative and personalized than a regular photo shoot. It can be a planned session like this one where we are producing photographs for a specific type of book like the alphabet book or you could also do a numbers, colors, opposites… the possibilities are endless!

Or I have a “Grow with me” type book where it can be broken up into sessions throughout the year and in the book will be a little info about the child that year (i.e. a little interview with them about their favorite things and such at that age).

And lastly, an imagination session where we design the photo shoot based on a theme (a children’s book, movie, song, characters…) and I’ll help come up with the set, props, wardrobe and anything else that is needed. I love the more creative part about it. I have about 100 ideas I’ve been wanting to do!

Can’t wait to show more samples!



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