Modern Portrait Photography

Photoshoot at Rifle, CO beautiful BLM land

A couple of weeks ago I was able to take some photos for the cute Halper family. It was a little bit of an adventure getting up to our photo spot. It required a bit of offroading in a jeep on some slightly muddy trails from the recent rain we had received. In fact, I think a had to Photoshop a few mud stains off their clothes. But it was worth it- we had beautiful views of Rifle and the surrounding areas. There was a field full of Colorado’s columbine flowers, unfortunately a lot of them were looking pretty sad. In short, Mayara is from Brazil, came to the states a few years ago, met Eddie, got married, and now have a beautiful little girl, who’s about 18 months old. They decided to get some family photos done while Mayara’s little sister was here in Rifle visiting. This is the first time her sister has been to the U.S. She was a great help with the photoshoot.


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