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Beckett’s First Two Years

Beckett’s First Two Years.

Click on the link above and check out this slideshow of my little boy Beckett. I’ve been wanting to do something with all these photos for awhile. I started making a first year album/grandparent’s brag book but didn’t finish in time for Christmas. So finally I got my butt in gear and created a slideshow. I had to sort through thousands of photos and videos and narrow it down- which I’m not very good at. I want to show them all! It really is only the first 22.5 months of his life. In the future I will be more on top of things and not do 2 years at a time. If you follow my personal blog- you’ve probably seen a lot of these pictures before. Not all of the photographs in the slideshow did I take. I included a lot of snapshots taken over the past couple years. Just for your information, the song I chose to use gets a little funky in the middle. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to preview the whole song before I selected it- so oh well! I love these slideshows and incorporating videos with the photographs.


April’s Graduation Photos

We went over to Denver a couple weeks ago for my little sister’s high school graduation. My parents now have all 5 of their kids out of high school. We’ll see when they have no kids living at home though! I quickly took a few photographs of April in her graduation gown after the ceremony in my parents backyard. They’ve got a great view of the mountains. My grandma was there visiting from Virginia for April’s graduation as well. April’s graduation was held at Red Rocks amphitheater how cool is that?!

Moab Trip

A few weeks ago we met some friends of ours in Moab for a quick weekend getaway. While my friend, Kim, was dropping our husbands off for a bike ride, I stayed and watched the boys in the hotel room. The window light was so good I had to take a few photos of the boys while they played.

Moab has this really cool sound park (I’m not for sure what the real name is) that Kim and I took our boys to. The boys enjoyed banging on all the instruments, but were a little distracted by all the caterpillars everywhere. The trees were covered with the caterpillar nests. It was pretty much raining caterpillars. Beckett liked watching them crawl all over the ground and his legs.

Newborn Twins Photo Shoot!

I love newborns and their teeny little bodies! I was so excited to photograph these 10 day old twins- Tobin and Cambry. Newborns will remind you that even at such a young age they have a mind of their own. They are a challenge to photograph- especially two at one time! They just wanted to eat and be awake the whole time. Thank goodness I’m only the photographer! The mom has to juggle newborn twins plus three other kids! Best wishes to her! You gotta love how close to each other these twins are- literally- they seem to prefer to snuggle up to their sibling. They don’t seem to notice the other siblings sucking on them or accidental pokes. Soon we’ll be doing a photo shoot with the rest of the family. Can’t wait!