Modern Portrait Photography

The Zollinger Family

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to take photos for this beautiful family after they completed their fifth annual The Gift of Life and Breath 5th Annual 5K Run/Walk.  The Zollingers started The Gift of Life and Breath Foundation right before their father passed away from lung cancer. They learned first hand the difficulties faced with a deadly cancer that is rarely diagnosed in its early stages:

“On April 29, 2004 our lives were to be forever changed … Gary was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer. Having never smoked, the diagnosis came with shock and disbelief. But the biopsy and CT scan revealed a deadly disease that had gone undetected in its early stage and now left very little hope of a cure. Determined to beat tremendous odds, Gary did everything he could to preserve his life for his family. This included standard cancer treatments as well as a rarely done double lung transplant. However, despite his heroic efforts, Gary succumbed to lung cancer September 9, 2007.”  – shared by Thelissa Zollinger from their website

The Gift of Life and Breath is dedicated to raising awareness and funding to support the critical research needed for early detection of lung cancer. The Gary L. and Thelissa Zollinger Early Detection of Lung Cancer Endowment raises funds to assist AMC Cancer Fund and the University of Colorado Cancer Center in their efforts to give hope, provide research and make possible the gift of life and breath.  Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among both men and women in the US, often it is diagnosed too late for treatment.  For more information or to donate please check out their website

Hope you enjoy the pictures of this special family.


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