Modern Portrait Photography

Maggie 2011

Maggie 2011.

Last week I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Maggie. She is a senior at Coal Ridge High School. She plans on attending college at a small college for the first year and get her general classes finished. Then attend a larger university to pursue a degree in Business. In 10 years she sees herself starting a family and owning a small business. Maggie loves cheerleading, working out, singing, dancing, and camping. She says she can’t live without her cell phone and her fish. Her favorite movies are The Town and The Blind Side. Maggie’s favorite book is “A Long Way Gone” by Ishamel Beah, which I have also read and love. Her favorite quote is “To be content with oneself is true happiness”- anonymous. She says her friends like the fact that she has an outgoing and spontaneous personality, but she knows when enough is enough. Maggie wants people to remember her as a thoughtful, caring, and wholesome person.

I had a lot of fun taking Maggie’s pictures. The weather kept trying to ruin the fun- thankfully we only had a little rain and wind. It was probably good that it was pretty windy or else I might have another 100 pictures that I loved to put in the slide show. So check out this video (click the link above) of her senior photos. Unfortunately a couple pictures got a little clipped in the slideshow for some reason. This is the best way for me to show off 70 of my favorite photos. As you will see she has a beautiful smile. If you know Maggie you should ask her to do a serious face- she needs a little practice with this one. I loved her serious face because it would always bring out the best smile. This slide show is an example of what we can do in a one hour senior portrait session. I am now booking for seniors class of 2012. Summer is the perfect time to take your senior pictures. If you book a senior portrait session with me by July, you will get 24 free wallet sized photos. Hope you enjoy!


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