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New Blog!

So I just started this new blog- that’s why it looks so bare. Also, feel free to check out my new website

My husband, Dan and I just got back from a fun week in Las Vegas at the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) Convention. I enjoyed learning from other photographers and checking out all the cool photography equipment at the vendor fair. We didn’t really do too much in Las Vegas besides the photography convention and eat. We did get to eat a ton of delicious food.

One of my favorite restaurants that we tried was called Firefly: Tapas Kitchen and Bar. We loved this place! Tapas are kind of like appetizers they’re of the Spanish and mediterranean cuisine. Firefly has lots of options on their menu and since they’re smaller portions you can sample many different meals. My favorites were the sliders and the chicken kababs in a garlic cream sauce! I’m ready to go back. We actually did eat there twice in the short time we were there- sampling other menu items we neglected the first time.

Another one of my favorite restaurants was Marrakech: This restaurant serves you with a 6 six-course Moroccan meal. They start off by washing your hands in this lavender water. A little tip we learned is don’t eat the whole loaf of bread with the first course, because they’ll bring you more and you’ll eat more and not have room for a the yummy food. This place was nicely decorated and had live belly dancers for entertainment. Such a fun place!


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